Our Services

Homelessness in Clackamas County. Point-in-Time counts (PIT) are required by the Federal government (U.S. Dept of  Housing and Urban Development, or HUD) to identify the number of people experiencing homelessness in a given region. This count is conducted on just one night in a year by outreach workers who identify those who are experiencing sheltered and unsheltered homelessness. The most recent PIT count in Oregon conducted January 26, 2022 indicated there were 597 homeless individuals in Clackamas County. People of color continue to face disproportionate rates of homelessness regionally.

The Challenge.

Services to support people to get re-housed can be scattered geographically and logistically uncoordinated due in part to issues related to funding and staffing. This can cause slow-downs and less than ideal levels of efficiency in getting people rehoused and offering them other resources needed to sustain healthy lives. As a solution, HSCCC connects service providers to one another, and to other needed resources, so they can more efficiently and conveniently offer critical services to unhoused individuals and families. 

These services are ideally tailored to meet the needs of each individual or family experiencing homelessness or housing insecurity.  These wrap-around services typically include behavioral and physical health, transportation, employment, legal and other related resources to support individuals and families in exiting homelessness.